About Us

Delivering innovative environments for global healthcare and research

Purpose-built Environments

Wellington Health is an integrated healthcare, knowledge and research precinct located in the affluent south eastern suburb of Box Hill, Victoria. Our model focuses on properties and partnerships at the intersection of healthcare, knowledge, and research to improve patient and community outcomes.

With multiple healthcare initiatives underway Wellington Health represents a first of its kind precinct approach utilising a centre of excellence lens to determine clinical and support service aggregation into purpose-built environments designed to enliven both the workforce and patients.

Long-term Ownership Strategy

Across approximately 150,000 square metres and strategically located to leverage public health, vocational, tertiary and private health providers, the centre of excellence promotes and simplifies collaboration. Designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge by operators, physicians and the public and private sectors, the centre of excellence will play a critical role in improving healthcare outcomes in Melbourne’s east and advancing health research and innovation.


For all leasing enquiries please contact:

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